Understanding Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Health Disorders for Family and Friends by Carlin Barnes MD, Marketa Wills MD

Download textbooks for free pdf Understanding Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Health Disorders for Family and Friends

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  • Understanding Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Health Disorders for Family and Friends
  • Carlin Barnes MD, Marketa Wills MD
  • Page: 192
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781510745940
  • Publisher: Skyhorse

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Download textbooks for free pdf Understanding Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Health Disorders for Family and Friends

Get the straight facts about mental illness from two Harvard trained psychiatrists. More than 40 million people in the US suffer from mental health problems—yet less than half receive adequate care and treatment. Even in the 21st century with the most advanced medical care in the world, social stigma still surrounds psychiatric problems, and this, combined with a lack of understanding, perpetuates a national mental health crisis affecting those in need and their families. Ignoring and/or being unaware of a problem can have devastating effects in our families and for society at large—many people living with mental illness go untreated, and as a result, people with untreated mental illnesses make up one third of the nation’s homeless population and can be imprisoned. To meet these challenges, Dr. Carlin Barnes and Dr. Marketa Wills have written this necessary and comprehensive, practical guide to educate and help everyone better understand mental health. Each chapter offers insights and wisdom concerning a variety of psychiatric conditions, including:   Mood disorders Anxiety disorders Personality disorders Substance abuse issues Eating disorders Women’s mental health issues Suicide in America Geriatric mental health Professional athletes and mental health And more Armed with this knowledge, you and your loved one can better appreciate the real struggles at hand, and as a result, seek the proper care needed.

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